Hello my lovelies! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I am very excited! I got a new job and I start on Monday!! It’s a nice one for a good company in my area. NOT stressful! I work from 2-10P M-F. It’s an odd shift but I like it. I’m not really a morning person anyway and I have the chance to get a lot done before my shift begins. I’m REALLY REALLY going to try to make the morning productive! I have time to go swimming at the Y, or take some kind of class. I don’t have enough $$ for a mini-tummy tuck, which is what I would love some sweet person to buy me for my bday, 2 weeks from now!! I debated starting a Gofundme for it. For God’s sake, people do it for less important things than that. But do 2 wrongs make for a mini-tummy tuck? Hmm, worth further contemplation.

So. It didn’t take me that long to get work, although the less stress in a job, often the lower the wage. I’m not jazzed about that. Even though I did decide to not buy any clothes for this entire year, I still need to save $$. I still have my dreams of travel: Transsiberian RR and the Isles of Wight and Skye, to name 3.

BUT I am going to NoLa in a few months, with my best friend of my youth! We have reconnected after 24 years and I’m excited to hang with her as a grownup. We are both very different people, of course, since our teenage years.

So it seems I have a lot to be grateful for today, including the fact that I DO have my Valentine of 5 years,and that’s a wonderful thing as well.

Today is a good day, to paraphrase my favorite Klingon….

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