Life after 2 classes in a row of Hot (Bikram) Yoga and, a lesson in humility…

Phew!! Man oh man! I haven’t done hot yoga in about 4 years, and that time I still had an uninjured ankle and an ok back. Not the case now!

I went to a great place called J Town Hot Yoga in Jenkintown, PA. For those of you who don’t know how this works, the room is about 100 degrees F. You’re in there for 90 minutes, twisting your body out in some very strenuous poses (asanas).

I used to be a pretzel when I was younger. I was an avid runner, skinny and very flexible. This is so not the case now.  The minute I walked in the studio I was forced to come to grips with this while looking at my reflection in the wall of full length mirrors surrounding the room. This was gonna be rough.

We started the class and from the first pose, I was immediately reminded that, not only was I not whip thin as I used to be, but that every part of my body was stiff as a board, right down to my wrists. Who knew that my wrists weren’t flexible?

I knew that for this class to serve its purpose, I needed to put my ego aside and not have any expectations of my body except to get through the class as best I could. There was no way for this to work unless I stopped remembering myself as I was 10, 20, 30 years ago. It was really hard. If I spent all my time mourning the loss of my flat stomach there was no point in being there at all. I had to stay present.

While I was grappling with this, my back started hurting from minute 1. Three quarters of the class is done standing, and my ankle that I sprained back in August started hurting in minute 2. How frustrating and crappy could this be? How could my body betray me like this?

So endeth this rant.  The reality is I AM getting older and I have to stop avoiding situations where I’m confronted with that fact. The hard part, which I am very grateful for as well,  is that I still feel 30 on the inside. It’s hard to square that up with the fact that exactly 28 days from today, I’ll have one more year before I am a half a century old!!

I will be going back to yoga tomorrow, 3rd day. Life’s a bitch and then you sweat…Namaste!



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