The job I interviewed for yesterday sounded like fun: sales and customer relations for a high end doggy spa (aka-kennel). Definitely not something I would have considered a few months ago, but it sounded like fun. The salary is far below what I know I need to be able to have any savings or to do anything or go anywhere, but it will pay (some) the bills, and the environment is very low stress. And I love dogs. This is the crossroads I find myself in a lot. Fun, mellow job for no money; or not fun, stressful job for good money. I think after this last job I’m leaning towards the doggy spa. Of course I haven’t even thought about health benefits yet. Chances are I won’t be able to take the job because there are no benefits offered. That has really become the final arbiter of all job decisions.  When I was young I couldn’t care less about health benefits. My bipolar diagnosis and the accompanying meds were years in the future. I never got sick, so why pay for benefits I’d never use? Fast forward 15 years. I have meds I need to take every day; they are really expensive even though they’re all generic, so I could never afford them on my own; I need to see my shrink at least 3 times a year; and I have dental issues that I need to address at least 3 times a year. Needless to say I NEED health benefits now.

“What about Obamacare?” you say. Well, Obamacare is useless for people with certain types of mental illnesses, like bipolar. I CAN get benefits with this pre-existing condition, but there are only 2 insurance companies that offer them for us and the premium is around $700/month, which used to be my rent in 1995 for my studio in Park Slope, Brooklyn. If I had high blood pressure, I’d be set. I’m sure I’ll get there, just give me time.

Oh well, I grow tired of this rant. I’m supposed to call the doggy spa next Tuesday, when I’ll find out which of the 3 jobs they have available they want to hire me for. In the meantime, I hope I get my first unemployment check really soon!

Anyway…I’ll leave you with the image of the book I just started. I SOO do not want to make this blog only about books. The ether is rife with these. I will occasionally drop one or two on you, though. I can’t resist telling you about my latest, photo below. It’s about a stalker, so far, written from his point of you, which is always fascinating to me. I’m into the psyches of stalker and serial killers.






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