San Junipero, Hang the DJ, and The Smiths


I want to discuss Black Mirror today. I have filed my first unemployment claim, had my Bustello a’la Aero Press, and I’m feeling contemplative.

I don’t want my blog to be about any kind of reviews, but I do want to share my love of the Netflix series, Black Mirror. My 2 favorites are pictured above: The top right image is for San Junipero, my most favorite Netflix episode; and the right image is for “Hang the DJ,” my second favorite episode.

San Junipero has the only happy ending in 3 seasons of Black Mirror, and Hang the DJ is the happiest ending of season 4, which just dropped a few weeks ago. Of course I watched the whole season the first day it was released. I’ve been waiting 2 years for it, for God’s sake!

The San Junipero so cool, op art image is by Billy the Butcher (seriously, how can you resist that?) for the album cover for the score of San Junipero by Clint Mansell. I loved it so much I bought the T shirt.


Both of these episodes are about love in the face of really steep odds. In San Junipero, 2 girls meet in a disco in the 80’s (my favorite era). One is really shy and drab,the other is a live wire! They are attracted to each other for some strange reason. While we are chasing them oddly from era to era, they fall more and more in love. We find out that San Junipero is a heaven/haven, for  elderly people who are dying or dead. Their consciousnesses are uploaded to The Cloud, to a place called San Junipero, aka; Heaven. When they’re still alive, they can visit there 5 hours a week. They can either choose to live there forever when they die, or not, and go who knows where. Both of these girls are just visiting, but in the end they decide they both want to stay.  One of them is dead set against it, and the other can’t wait to get there. It’s sweet and beautiful and sad. I’ll never listen to “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlysle again.

“Hang the DJ” is also about love against some pretty steep odds. Tinder has taken over society in this one, and everyone is part of a system that sets you up with people it has chosen for you, all with the final object of finding “The One.” How many have lived and died in pursuit of The One???

Anyhoo, you never know how long you’re going to get with the person. It could be 2 hours or 2 years. Whatever the length of time, you’re obliged to stay with that person until the term has ended, no matter how long that is. 2 people meet and really get along, but have to split after one night spent talking, fully clothed, over the sheets in bed. They don’t want to split, but they listen to the system. They both spent the next few years with other people, cogs in the wheel of society. Amazingly enough they meet for a second time, and realize they have another chance! To be together they have to take a huge chance against all they have ever known, risking their lives to leap into the unknown.  Needless to say, the ending is a good one, and in the last 15 seconds of the show you hear the chorus of “Panic” by The Smiths: hang the DJ, hang the DJ, because the music they constantly play, says nothing to me about my life, burn down the disco, hannnnggg theblessed dj, hang the dj, hang the dj…” The coolest thing about this episode is that title, because, to get it, you have to know that it’s part of a song that doesn’t have Hang the dj in the title, and the other words in the chorus are the most significant part of the song and what the whole episode is about. Layer on layer. Totally awesome. For some reason that moved me so much. I’ve been listening to that song for weeks, over and over. Besides, The Smiths are one of the best bands of the 80’s, and…ever.

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with too many more reflections on this. Suffice it to say I love Black Mirror. Coffee and Black Mirror together is also pretty cool.

Anyway, Constant (with luck!) Reader, I hope you have a wonderful remaining Sunday.  Normally I would be trying not to think about work tomorrow, but …not this Sunday. My hope for my next job is that I look forward to going more often than not, and that I’m singing the “I Don’t Like Mondays” blue sooner rather than later.



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